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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hip Hop Style Intrumentals

Memorecks - Padmashing

This guy is incredible, uses Akai MPDs and makes such nice beats.

If you liked that check out his on the spot challenge given to him by interviewers where by he has to make beats using the soundtrack from 2001, a Space Odyssey and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The second beat he makes is really smooth.

Birdy Nam Nam - So Fluty Fluty

Birdy Nam Nam consists of four DJs that have won the Technics DMC team world championships. They use turntables as instruments to make music live. They've also worked with Justice on the track Parachute Ending which is highly recommended. So Fluty Fluty, although repetitive is a nice backstreet hip hop beat.

If you liked that then check out them making their song Abbesses live on the turntables, very impressive.

Mr Scruff - Bounce 

I got the pleasure of meeting Mr Scruff at last year's Gottwood. He's a very genuine guy and played a 5 hour set all on vinyl.  Bounce is another backstreet style hip hop beat.

Blazo - Natural Green

Really nice jazzy hip hop instrumental.  I've tried putting various vocals over it, surprisingly 99 problems by Jay Z works best!  Check it out, its a nice smooth beat with the use of a piano.  Blazo are fairly unknown to me but i downloaded their Colours Of Jazz album which is really laidback, Natural Green is my personal favorite from the album

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